Nottingham Ice-cream manufacturer – new flavours to honour MPs

Ice-cream manufacturer Inchcock & Co are producing new flavours and names of ice-cream concoctions, in honour of individual MP’s and Political Parties performances in the Government, and opposition. 

Here is the full list to be available soon:


Ice HagueIn Honour of: Nick Clegg

 Flavour/Name: Silent Souffle


In Honour of: Ed Balls

Flavour/Name: Stuffed British Gooseberries


In Honour of: David Cameron

Flavour/Name: Floral & Sweet Vanilla Mix & Nepotist Twist


In Honour of: Theresa May

 Flavour/Name: Dwarf Defence Damsons


In Honour of: Liam Fox

 Flavour/Name: Fiddler’s fricassee


In Honour of: Vincent Cable

 Flavour/Name: Mango Benefits Sorbet


Ice OsborneIn Honour of: Duncan Smith

 Flavour/Name: Speedy Gonzales Gateau


In Honour of: Chris Huhne

 Flavour/Name: Sour Grapes on an empty bed of NHS


In Honour of: Andrew Lansley

Flavour/Name: Borstal blancmange


In Honour of: Michael Gove

Flavour/Name: Collage of Curry


In Honour of: Eric Pickles

Flavour/Name: Fricassee of Fatuous Freaks


In Honour of: Honourable Lord Strathclyde Leader of the House of Lords

Flavour/Name: Watermelon Throw-away Surprise


Ice ClarkeIn Honour of: Oliver Letwin

Flavour/Name: Old fashioned salad with Honeydew drips


In Honour of: The Labour Party

Flavour/Name: Lemons with little crumbs inside


In Honour of: The Lib-Dem Party

Flavour/Name: Cream of Chrematomania


Iced EdIn Honour of: The Conservative Party

Flavour/Name: Sour Grapefruit with spoon-in-the-mouth topping


In Honour of: The Conservative Party

Flavour/Name: Sour Grapefruit with spoon-in-the-mouth topping

About Inchcock

Decaying physically and morally. 69 years of age, pretty ugly, short bald, in ill health. Love making folk smile when I can. Failures and Whoopsiedangleplops are my Forte... Hehehe!
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