Friday 2nd November 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors, Whoopsiedangleplops, Frustration, Bleeding and lonely Day. Humph!


Friday 2nd November 2016

Greek: Παρασκευή 2 Νοεμ, 2016

0300hrs: Woke with a jump. Thought a moment, trying to claw back the memories of the dreams I was again certain I’d been having, but with no luck at all. The needs for a WRHD session forced me to climb out of the £300 second-hand recliner, which worked perfectly this morning I might add, and off to the wet-room. Where the most worrying event of the week so far took place. The struggle to pass and the copious bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold frit me a bit. So much so, I took a photograph to show to the doctor of the blood in the WC bowl and the paper used. Gawd, I hope this doesn’t happen next time.

5fri02Took an extra senna tablet with the morning medications. Also found that the Friday pot of medicines was empty? I think I may have taken two lots yesterday morning perhaps.

This might be why I was in such a depressed mood? I took the days medications from the drawer below with the packets and pots in and took them.

Looks like a pharmacy when I open these drawers. Hehe!

The temperature was higher in the kitchen today. 60°f. The radiator that was ‘repaired’ yesterday is still not working. Left the little oil-filled one I had to buy on 24/7.

Had to have a good few WRWWs during the morning, all day for that matter. Little Inchy was red, raw and tender, but only leaking blood from the lesion a little… yet. Just as well, cause with what I lost yesterday and this morning flood of blood, things might get serious.


Both arrived within minutes of each other too?

Finished the diary for Thursday off and got it posted. Checked the emails. One of which confused me from British Gas. I clicked the link, signed in to see my account as the option in the email suggested. This told me I was in debt by £195.03. I printed this off. The letter they sent me told me I was £329.03 in debt?

This confused me.

Did some graphicalisationing, then started this diary off and went on Facebook for a while. A long, long while, but I enjoyed it. Got some TFZ graphics completed and posted on Facebook.

Here’s a couple of them.

whojanllansjoyce whotomandRang Olive to explain why I was not visiting but got no answer. Did an email to Obergupenfurheress Deana about the heater not working.

Around 1100hrs, still no nurse or delivery arrived and the heater that had been supposedly reset still not working, I got the ablutions done, a stand-up job today in case anyone came while I was in the shower. Left the door open so I could hear the bell if they did. They didn’t.

5fri04Spent a few hours sorting the paperwork I’d let myself get behind with. Naughty Boy!

Not an easy task for someone with mu memory – or rather, lack of remembrance. Hehe!

Felt a bit hassled by it all and went to make a cup of char, calling into for a WRWW en route, to find that Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking a bit again.

Had a look around outside with the binoculars, while the kettle was boiled, well, the water in the kettle boiled.

5fri05Noticed this pail of smoke to the far left and maybe 8-10 miles or so away I’d guess.

I put the radio on while I drank the mug of tea and waited for the news, but nothing was mentioned.

Back in the none-heated front room and turned on the little oil-filled mobile radiator heater, as still, there was no heat from the repaired storage heater. Humph!

5fri06Looked out at the smoke again.

It didn’t seem to get a lot worse but continued as the gentle winds blew it along.

Most irritating no knowing what was occurring.



Partially sorted the paperwork, then the Whoopsidangleplops occurred!

I thought about finishing off the paperwork sorting out but ended up updating this diary instead.

Guilt forced me to stop and do the paperwork.

Of course, as is to be expected from me lately, I regretted doing it when I dropped the box from the shredder as I tried to empty it into the black bag.

This was only the first Whoopsiedangleplop, mind. I diligently picked up the shredded paper and placed it carefully into the black bag… only to carry it into the kitchen and lost most of the shredded paper through the hole in the bottom of the black bag!

Getting all het-up now! Sorted it out again and put that black bag into another one after checking for any holes in that one. I could not take them or anything to the chute in case the nurse or delivery arrived.

5fri07Aha! Thought I, noise from the area of the door – joy… but no, it was the postman with two identical and unwanted copies in different wrappings of the Age UK Life magazine.

I flicked through the contents: 1: Fundraising and how I can help them support Age UK. 2: Real Life with running man Bill Mitchell. 3: Life Lines: Combatting loneliness. 4: How My Gift can help the lonely. 5: What’s coming up on the radio. 6: Real-life research stories. 7: Wise Words, David Attenborough on his greatest Passions, and finally Ester Rantzen discusses living ith loneliness. A great selection there to cheer me up and solve my loneliness and frustrations of late? Ah well, never mind.

5fri081438hrs: Delivery man with the Airer/Dryer arrived as I was on Facebook.

So now, I’m in the middle Facebooking, I’ll have more paperwork to finish sorted (Eventually), and I decided to nip to see Olive first. Who was in and rang the repairs for me, to find that Deana had already called them and they would be here within 4 hours. Gave Olive my thanks and a kiss as she sent me back to the flat in case they or the nurse arrived.

I updated this and finished the Facebooking and updated this.

5fri09Had a look at the airer/dryer to see if I could assemble it on me own.

No problems as such, no tools needed or required either. And it was so easy to crush the right thumb between the metal bars and open the scar from my cut as I squashed it up after seeing how it operated.

I hope this will come in handy after a shower, and before one too, to warm up the towels in the future? And of course, if I wash out any bits I can wring them out and try to see if this dries them enough?

It folds flat for storage but is a bit of a devil to erect again with the rubbish clips not sliding too easily. If Arthur Itis is alright on the day, it should be workable quickly enough. I hope.

5fri10Finished off the paperwork sorting and went to make a cuppa as the light faded.The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

The white smoke was visible still from whatever caused it.

Took a photo without zooming in so much this time.

Wondering when the repair men will call to look at the radiator? I wanted to get the dinner going, but no good doing it and then them arriving is it?

The four hours was up now. Will they be calling or not?

Weeks ago, Deana rang them to tell them about the radiator not working. (28 days away).

They said they would supply me with a heater to use in the meantime. They Didn’t!

So I had to pay for and order a heater to be delivered which was due to be delivered a week last Saturday. Amazon delivered it to the wrong block of flats. I had to carry the chair then the heater from there back to my own flat. (Made me a bit poorly in doing so).

Sunday I fell over and damaged my knee.

Wednesday a chap came along to investigate the problem and told me it had tripped out. I asked why he did not know. All okay now, it should be back on Thursday night. Showed and set the controls for all my radiators for me.

This afternoon (Friday) I let Deana know by email that it was still not working and went to see Olive to ask her if she could ring for me. They told her someone had already rung (Deana), and they would be here within four hours to have another look at it.

Back to the flat and waited.

Now the four-hour promise has been broken as I still await their arrival, and am going to cook my dinner and see if they will arrive at all?

What idiot said old age would let you take things easier?

No sign of any repairmen whatsoever.

If I watch TV, I need the headphones on, which means it will be even harder to hear the door chime – in the unlikely event that anyone comes of course – pee’d off again now.

5fri11Had to eat the dinner standing up in the kitchen, in case I fell asleep sat down eating it.

It was grand as well, possibly the best stew and chips I’ve ever made.

Couldn’t enjoy the stew as much as I should have, though, because I was stewing inside! (A little play on words there did you see? Hehe!)

No one came, no nurse, no repairman, no cuddly ladies… and still no heat from the storage radiator. Hehehe!

Gave up hopes and wrapped up in gloves, woolly hat, jammies and dressing gown. Hours later than I do usually.

Put the TV and headphones on and managed to stay awake for a bit of the Hetty Wainthrop Investigates episode…

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Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st December 2016: Winwood Tenants Social Hour – Made it today.


Thursday 1st December 2016

Burmese: ကြာသပတေးနေ့ 1st, ဒီဇင်ဘာလ 2016

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair by 0145hrs. Laundry already in the bags waiting, got the coins, dressed and down to the laundry room. Got the machine going and back upstairs for a WRHD session – Oh, boy what a session too! Rock hard and the blood flowed into the bowl creating a scene worthy  of the Bates Motel. Took an extra Senna that I’d added to the pill box with the other medications. Made a cuppa and realised it was time to go down to the washroom with the other bag of washing, get that going and move the first one into the dryer.

4thur034thr04Another naughty personage had failed to clean out the filter… Again!


I found some clothes left in the dryer, they were from a lady, so maybe it was one of the old dears who couldn’t get down to clean the filter, and I felt better about it, less annoyed.

Got the new wash started and the first lot into the dryer.

Back up again to the apartment.

Got the kitchen wiped up where I’d left the tap running and splashing water all over.

(I am a fool!) I’ll have another bag of washing ready to do by the morning.

4thur05Down again to collect the first dried load, back up, and put the togs away, then a final trip back down to wait for the other dryer to finish its cycle.

Gone 0500hrs by now. I nipped out of the foyer doors, no frost about but it was still cold. I soon got myself back indoors and into the laundry room.

Collected the other washing. Took this 4thur06 4thur07 4thur08to number 72 and stored everything away in a semi-ordered fashion.

Checked the temperature on the kitchen window thermometer, 58°f. The radiator that was ‘mended’ yesterday is still not working. Outside it had gone up to 39°f

Back on the computer and updated the diaries. Made another brew and drank this one.

Graphicalising, WordPressing and Facebooking followed.

Brother in law Pete emailed these Fooey photographicalisations of him in their yard/garden.

Say’s he was testing the water.


Looks like he wasn’t too keen on the flavour or taste of it in the third photograph?

Bless his cotton socks, I love this cat to bits. Sister Jane is always having to sort out his matted fur every day, but it’s a labour of love.

Did the ablutions with lemon soap and citrus deodorant to follow.

Visited Olive’s flat, but no answer.

Off to the Tenants Social Meeting. Not many folks there this morning. BJ arrived earlier than his usual. Eddie only had a few minutes stay, but won five raffle prizes and shot off for his doctor appointment.

4thur09Deana called in and I discovered that Toni was in a temporary home being looked after. With missing the last meeting due to the Amazon delivery cock-up and the fall, I found out that some of the clan had visited Toni in the new care home she was in. I felt so depressed and sad that someone hadn’t told me about this, and I sulked for a few minutes.put

I’d have loved to have gone with them to see her.

4thur10BJ decided he wanted the laptop I’d offered for his other half. I fetched it for him and he lifted me into Arnold, dropping me off on the high street, bless him.

Called in Fulton Foods store, then into Asda and got some things. Got some Fresh Cream French Horns, two packs of two, one for 92-year-old Norman who lives next door to Olive, cause he’s not been very well andI know he likes them. While shopping I sensed the warm wet sensation from the lower regions. Decided to make my way home to investigate things.

Got the bus back without any hiatus. Actually met Norman in the foyer as I entered the flats, and gave him the cream cakes, this seemed to cheer him up a bit. I had to leave him and was soon in the wetroom checking things out in the lower regions. Oh dear, Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding away again. Cleaned around and then I put on some Daktacort cream, very tender job.

4thur11Got the meal cooking.

Used the last disappointing Twist thing with a nice mixture of dried beetroot, apple, tomato, pickled beetroots, pea-rice, Roast parsnips and sweet potato slices, baked potatoes and chestnuts.

I couldn’t eat it all, but I made a serious dent in it. Hehe!

The Fresh Cream French Horns afterwards, however, I did devour with relish!

Tooke the medications. Got settled to watch some TV and was soon in the land of nod.

Woke with a start, and to the wetroom for a WRWW, where I realised it was not morning, but two hours after I’d nodded off. Tsk!

Back and got the head down. Sad innit?

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Inchcock Today, Wednesday 30th November 2016: Got to see Olive at last – Joy! Amidst the hassle.


Scottish Gaelic: Là Naomh Aindrea

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Greek: Τετάρτη 30 Νοέμ, 2016

0000hrs: Woke up on the stroke of midnight. Off for a WRWW, made a cuppa and took the medications far too early without realising it was so early.

The Nottingham City Homes repair people should be arriving today to look at the storage radiator. The Morrison delivery should be arriving twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. I had thought the podiatrist was calling but realised this was next week after I checked the diary.

Yesterday I got the INR results with the next date to return, this being next Monday 5th December. I sent a request to the surgery for an appointment – still waiting for an answer. Nothing in the inbox from them.

Checked the Facebook and spent a while on it. A good while.

0625hrs: Got the ablutions carried out, a carbolicalisationing session this one. A WRHD that decided me to take a Senna tablet. Little Inchies wound was not bleeding, flared up a bit, but not bleeding, so that was good. Put on the new trousers I bought a few weeks ago and guess what? – Whoopsiedangleplop! The zip on the flies broke! And I cannot remember where I bought them from. Humph!

Got the laundry ready for collection. Got the bags of rubbish assembled to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Made a drink and noticed the ice on the rooftops below. The kitchen thermometer read 57°f and the wind blew in through the cracks in the window. I thought I’d open it and take some photographs of the cold looking dwellings outside.

3wed023wed033wed04Opening and closing the damned window involved going into the narrow gap to pull out the plug to release it.

I started the cut on the thumb bleeding again. Tsk!

The doorbell played it’s Dusty Springfield melody ♫I only want to be with you♫as the Morrison delivery driver rang it. He told me that one item was unavailable and one was substituted. He offered to take the stuff through to the kitchen for me, but I was feeling good health-wise so thanked him and declined the offer.

The missing item was, of course, the Sourdough Bread! Gnash!

The substitute was for the pack of six Morrison’s kitchen towels, the substitute a two pack of the same. After thinking how annoying this was that the Sourdough bread had to be only thing unavailable, I realised it wasn’t annoying really. Cause I’ve been eating far too much bread again this last week or so.

Put the fodder away. I had to throw away some stuff from the freezer to make room for the frozen food delivered. I’d made two errors with this order (Fancy that?) The sliced mushroom I’d ordered in the belief that thewy were fresh, were frozen and a much bigger bag. The 500g bag of chips Albert Bartlett Homestyle Chips (Those that Martin Shuttlecock recommended me to try, and taste super), was in actuality 1.5 kilogramme. Had I not cocked-up the ordering everything should have fitted into the freezer. So, once again I can blame my senility.

The noise started from above the flat, drilling. I think the chap there is having a wet-room fitted. If this takes as long as mine did. I’ll have 14 days of this noise to put with. Can’t be helped.

One the computer again, emails, Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

They just gave out the temperature in Nottingham on the radio. -1°c/ 29°f. Brr!

Nottingham City Homes man arrived to look at the radiator. Said it had tripped out, but not sure why. Reset it, told me it should be working for the morning.

Obergruppenfurheress Dean called, she had been to Olive and was concerned about me not seeing her. Explained that I had called three times but there was no answer and was beginning to worry about Olive. I asked her if she could tell Olive about my staying in for the repair man, and I am still waiting for the laundry man. She then explained that the notice on the board downstairs about not using washing machines in the early hours of the morning was for people using their devices in their flats. Not the laundry room!

Told Deana about the British Gas communication and another email from 38° Degree about moving to another electricity supplier. She said it’s better to stay where I am because moving will be a lot of hassle. She will ask Susan to talk to me again.

1240hrs: Still waiting for the morning collection of my laundry as promised – Tsk!

At around 1615hrs, I went to visit Olive and asked her if she could please ring the launderette to ascertain if they are coming today or not to collect the service wash. They weren’t, so I cancelled the whole thing with them. Had a chinwag and cuddle with Olive, then returned home and got the nosh on.3wed05

The frozen mushrooms I’d done in the Crock-Pot were like little pieces of leather, the beetroots were as hard as bullets. The bacon & egg twist I’d overcooked, the Sourdough bread tasted nothing like sourdough bread, but the apple, tomatoes and the mushroom pate were all excellent.

Not one of my better efforts. 6/10.

3wed06Went to do the washing up and the sky was lovely.

WRHD session of serious struggling and pain with a little bit of bleeding. Took another Senna with the evening medications.

Took another Senna with the night medications, and added a Senna to the morning pill box so I wouldn’t forget to take it. (Planning ahead now, I’m getting worried about myself! Hehehe!)

Sorted out the TV viewing plans: 1650hr Ch10 Heartbeat, 1900hrs Ch4 News, 2000hrs Ch17 History, 2100hrs. Ch31 Police, 2200hrs Law & Order SV and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Where I promptly fell asleep within minutes.

I probably have the TV on at night as much as anyone else does, but actually watching the TV? Possibly Brother-in-Law Pete understands this more than I do, so he is not bothering to help me pick out a new television, cause he realises it would be a pointless exercise. Well spotted Pete! Hehe!

TTFN all.

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Inchcock Today. Tuesday 29th November 2016: Cold and lonely day, late Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!


Tuesday 29th November 2016

In Finnish: Tiistai 29 Marraskuu 2016

0345hrs: Woke late, not surprising with the marathon hobble I had yesterday. Recalled bits of dreams, I was in a cellar (Again), and being beaten with hot rods and made to read Hitler’s false diaries while hanging on the wall chains. That’s all I remember.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, coming across a melted chocolate cashew nut on me jammies, knocked the headphones I’d not noticed onto the carpet and off for a WRHD session of great pain, but not 2tue001amuch bleeding this time. Returned and cleaned up a bit.

Made a brew, WRWW again and took the morning medications.

And boy, is it cold this morning!

Outside 24°f (-3.2°c) and in the kitchen 54°f (12°c).

2tue01Brrr! Got the new thick socks on, that helped a bit. Can’t complain at £1 a pair, can I?

Although, knowing my luck, the first time I wash them they’ll shrink to a glove-fitting size. Humph!

St Andrews day tomorrow, so I got on with doing graphics to celebrate it for Suzieann Smith and Duncan Robertson, two wonderfully caring people and cyber friends. I’ll use it on tomorrow diary. Then updated the journals.

2tue032tue01aPopped onto the scales.

Very pleased, when I compared them to last months one on the left. Although, after yesterday’s marathon, and I did strip off today when I weighed myself and the time before, I had some clothes on. Maybe not so pleased after all? But better than going up I reckon.

2tue04Started the Crock-Pot vegetables off. Carrots, leeks, onions, tomatoes and parsnips.

I wasn’t sure if I could cook using sauces in the Crock-Pot, but I gave it a go. Black bean sauce, vinegar, oregano, Bisto vegetable flavouring, some Marmite and sea salt added. Must remember to keep stirring up the concoction.

2tue06Did some more Facebooking and graphics, etc.

I went into the kitchen to stir the Crock-Pot and make another mug of tea, and noticed outside, this lady on the right giving lessons about dog control I think to the others. As soon she left with her dog, the other two ha da devil of a job getting theirs to come back to them. Hehe!

Carried on graphicationalisationing and Facebooking until 1055hrs, when I started my ablutions. Used the scented Dettol soap today.

Ambled hopefully to see Olive, but she was out. Might be her Scrabble day? Disappointed.

2tue07Stirred the Crock-pot. Then I returned and took the empty jars to the bottle bank.

Took a photograph of the bins, but once again the red spots appeared? Spoilt the whole picture. I wonder what it is I’m doing wrong?

Then again, I often wonder this on and over many situations and occurrences. Tsk!

Stood a while looking at the beautiful but dastardly cold view around the apartments. Shivered, broke the wind and returned indoors back up to the flat for another WRHD session.

2tue08Stirred the vegetables and gravy in the Stock-Pot, tried a piece of parsnip and it was still rock hard. This was after nearly four hours in the slow-cooker? I imagined that dong the fodder in gravy as opposed to the usually salted water might be having an effect here?

Turned up the setting to high, kept stirring the stew of sorts, often in between working on the computer, Graphicationalisationing mostly.

Finalising and preparing the fodder.

2tue09Moved the seasoned Crock-Pot vegetables into the saucepan and added some tinned stewed steak in gravy to it. Did the washing of the slow cooker bowl in between stirring the mixture up.

Made a right sticky mess of the porcelain and it took ages to get it cleaned, managed (Whoopsiedangleplop) to cut the right thumb on the concrete like bits of food sticking to the bowl, in the process. Ended up with a stew of sorts, that was enjoyed with some Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

The TV viewing choices were selected, something was on from 1755hrs through until 2300hrs for me to watch. Of course, I realised the expectancy of getting to the end was not high. Eventually settled and watched Heartbeat that was due to finish at 1900hrs, but nodded-off at the second set of commercial breaks – waking up at 0000hrs!

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Monday 28th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Nottingham City Hospital for INR Blood Tests, then the protracted marathon started!


Monday 28th November 2016

In Gujarati: સોમવારે 28 નવેમ્બર 2016

0040hrs: Woken, I battling to recall the dreams I just knew that I’d had. Only bits were available from within the depths of my confused and at times almost uncontrollable memory. Oh, that sounded good! Being chased again and something about flowers, giant flowers?

I laid here, pondering on what duties were required today. Got to go to the Nottingham City Hospital this morning for the haematology Warfarin INR blood level test. Then to go to Bulwell if time, to have a look in Fulton Foods and then the cheap-shop for any bargains, and feed the mallards.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and assessed the ailments as I walked into the kitchen to make a brew. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve and Duodenal Daniel all felt calm at the moment, only Little Inchies Lesion was going to be an immediate problem; I felt the warm wet sensation as I walked, Humph!

Into the wetroom and cleaned things up best I could, the stopped bleeding after a few minutes and I applied some Dakacort Cream for now. I’ll apply some Betamethasone after I have my shower later. Uncomfortable feeling down there now? Put in new hearing aid batteries and cleaned the tubing.

I was glad I’d woken so early, cause it gives me time to do some diary work, Facebooking and graphicalisationing before I’d have to leave early to walk to the hospital to arrive early so I can save time waiting in a larger queue if I arrive later. If that sounds right?

Got the computer on and updated these diaries first. Predestinately, Duodenal Daniel started giving me grief then.

Did a few graphics for the TFZer folk site.

bishirley marieh-aged2

Got the kettle on ready to take the medications. Both bottles of milk, full cream and semi-skimmed had gone off! Fancy that! Have to get some in Bulwell today.

1mon01Ablutions were done in a Stand-at-the-sink style, too early to use the shower and disturb the neighbours.

All ready and set off on the hike to the Nottingham City Hospital Haematology Department to have my INR Warfarin blood level test done.

The journey, setting off in the semi-1mon02darkness was fascinating in many ways I observed the faces of some of the drivers as they passed by, a certain lamentable Monday morning expression of… what’s the words I’m looking for here? Er, erm, Regretfulness, resignation and a drugged-up stare of desperation.

To Mansfield Road and down Edwards Lane, then left onto the Ring 1mon03Road.

Where the first of many a pavement cyclist during the day, nearly hit me as he belted by and then did the same to a school lad further on.

I crossed at these lights on the left, nd continued along to the next junction and traffic Island, where I was to turn right into Hucknall Road where the 1mon04City Hospital entrance for my blood taking session was.

A sudden lack of traffic at this place when the photographicalisation on the left here was taken.

Wondered up passing the GUM clinic and right into the main building and took a ticket and joined the queue for the blood letting sessions. Hehe! There was a trainee nurse doing me, and when she said, as she stuck the needle  into the vein; “Just a little prick here…” I resisted replying; “Oh, are my flies undone then?” I was soon all done, thanked them and gave the1mon07m their nibbles, which they appreciated.

Made my way to the bus-stop and realised it was far too early yet, for me to use my beloved and much valued Free Pensioners Bus Pass. I was loath to pay cash, but decided it must be done… then… I realised that I’d no coin-cash with me! What a plonker!

I pondered on what was to be done. I settled on having a further marathon walk into Bulwell instead of using the bus, as Anne Gyna the legs and feet were not feeling too bad at the moment after the walk from the flats. Thought this was a good idea at the time.

1mon191mon08Never again.

Out onto Hucknall Road, avoiding a few pavement cyclists along the way.

I got a call on the mobile, the firs tone for months, and wondered what that strange noise was coming from (New hearing aid batteries put in this morning), but missed the call, they rang again, and it was the new receptionist from the GP surgery. She reminded me that I had not attended for my INR blood level test. I explained, a tad sarcastically I’m afraid: “I usually get an email reminder from the surgery, along with an appointment to see the nurse for the next Monday. I didn’t this week, so the results that come two days later makes it impossible for me to book an appointment cause you are alway too full for the day they tell me to attend and have it done. She said, ‘Well I have a free appointment for Wednesday evening…’ No, I said, Wednesdays I leave free to stay in so I can arrange for the laundry collection, cleaning ladies, any deliveries of food, the Chiropodist, etc. so I’m in when they arrive. That is why I leave Mondays and Tuesday free for the INR blood test. Told her I’d just finished having it at the City Hospital and she said: ‘Oh well, you’ve had it done’ and rang off. I sense future altercations between my and this new Obergruppenfurher receptionist?

1mon09 1mon10By the time the conversation ended, I’d walked as far as Basford. Turned right along Bulwell Lane and proceeded through Highbury Vale and into Bulwell. Now the feet and Anne Gyna were starting off. And I needed a leak badly.

Avoiding more pavement cyclists, I eventually got into Bulwell. Where I did an awful lot of shop searching for bargains.

Went into Fulton Foods first, no PeaRice snacks there so came out and went to the cheapo out-of-date shop. None there either. To Farmfoods and got nothing there. Then to Heron Foods, where I got a packet of cubed seasoned potatoes for only 75p and some milk. Then the B&M, where I did get two pairs of 1mon11heavy duty work socks. Popped into Poundland shop, nothing there.

Made for the tram station, stopping off to feed the mallard ducks on the river Lean, but they were not eating at all. Still, the pigeons saw the food off without any delay.

Got on the tram, and it was pretty full, and there sat a young lady using her 1mon12aphone, which she did for the entire journey, with her feet on the seat and people were standing? She did take her feet off the seat when I gave her a glare but put her bag on it so nobody could use the place! Inconsiderate thing her. The tram got busier than ever as it approached the City Centre, and a lady removed the girl’s bag and sat down, the girl just carried on using her phone. Good for the elderly woman!

I dropped off at the Theatre Royal and went to Tesco in the Victoria Centre, and managed to get some Seaweed cheesies and Sourdough bread at last. Got two loaves, hoping there would be room in the freezer. To the upper floor and got some nuts from the market stall.

As I left out over the walkover, to the left was a fire engine, right a police van.1mon151mon16

1mon17No idea what had occurred. Walked through Clinton Street to the bus stop.

The feet were stinging badly now, and the only public toilets were closed. Oh heck!

Caught the L9 bus back, met a fellow tenant and we had a chinwag en route. This helped me to forget the bladder urgency.

Glad the self-imposed hike was over.

Of course, it took a lot longer for me than the forecast in the piccy below.
With me limp and calling at the Haematology for the Blood Test with the very nice nurses, then once in Bulwell, I visited many shops in search of bargains, of which I only got one. Took me around 4h 15min to get this done and to the station to catch the tram home, that took a further few minutes. (an hour or so), then the 40-minute bus ride home.
Shattered I was! Hehehe. Only me to blame, though.

1mon20Not sure the 4.432 miles was as far as that? The timing was well short of the actual time taken of course.

1mon18Back at the flat, a desperate and painful WRWW, ahh! And got the meal prepared and cooking.

Used the last of the chicken legs, beetroot, tomato and the seasoned potato cubes.

Not too bad a plateful. The sourdough bread was gorgeous.

As for doing anything with the mind numbed by fatigue and the aching feet and Anne Gyna in a bad mood with me, nothing was done really, I just flaked out.

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Sunday 27th November 2016: Inchcock Today: Poor old fool is in lonely-low spirits again, Tsk!


Sunday 27th November 2016

Latin: Sunday 27 December MMXVI

Woke late for me, 0355hrs, annoyed at not remembering any of the dreams yet again. When I tackled the job of getting out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner, I was well pleased with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, even the legs and feet were being nice to me. It was the other sides of my problems that got to me. The unwarranted depression. Not for me the strikhedonia I crave so much, just fretting about everything and even feeling lonely? I couldn’t even carry out my wish for tarantism in case it set Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna off. Hehe! Adding further to the well of self-pity surrounding me this morning.

The dizzies that affected me last night had all cleared up and no signs of the pains behind the eyes either – Gawd, I should be happy and pleased this morning – but am I?

I did the ditty and graphic at the top of this dairy, determined to pull myself out of this well of almost overwhelming urges to fret and worry, even wallowing in self-pity. Pathetically, sad!

Only one little dizzy affected me when I responded to the WRHD session demand. None since and that one was only a few seconds long and not a bad one at all.

Computer, on and updated the diaries.

Got the veg going in the Crock-Pot: Mushrooms, carrots and leeks, to use in making the Risotto later.

Facebooking then watched some YouTube.

Many hours later, I forced myself off of the computer with the newly acquired headache, and then did the ablutions. A lavender soap session today.

7sun01aSet off on a little hobble to Aldi on Mapperley tops. Went the same way out and back this morning.

The shortest route, but the steepest.

I took the empty jars with me to drop into the bottle bank as I passed it on the way out. Unfortunately, I forgot to drop them off and carried them all the way to the store and back to the flat so I could try to remember to take them another day. Humph!

7sun02At the end of Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph on the wild bit of land half way up Winchester Street Hill.

I can’t recall why I took it.

Pressed on up the hill and onto Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

Got a large Yorkshire pudding, some nibbles… but forgot to get the milk.

7sun03Back and down Winchester Street Hill again.

The cloud formations looked beautiful from here.

The street on the left is where many years ago, the bakery was that supplied my shop with products, this brought back some happy and sad memories to mind.


Further down the hill, I crossed the road junction, where I had my Whoopsiedangleplop tumble last Sunday.

I had a look, but could not see any holes or lumps where I could have tripped over in the tarmac?

But I seemed to have managed to. Hehe!

Back to the flats, WRHD session, medications were taken and got the dinner cooking. I spent a lot longer preparing this one, which involved a lot more cleaning up afterwards.

7sun05But the result was worth it all for once. Not done too good recently with the fodderisationing.

Enjoyed this effort a lot. Cubed potatoes, chicken legs, delicious gravy, Crock- Pot carrots, leeks and mushrooms, swede all served in the Giant Yorkshire Pudding.

Mandarins in Orange jelly to follow.

Got the TV on and proceeded to nod-off, dream, wake, nod-off, dream wake… on and on for hours like this. Vaguely recall the dreams all being of something different, but what about?

Another call for a WRHD session. Made a drink and returned in my jammies to the £300 second-hand recliner and settled once again. I was off within seconds, this time for hours.

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Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th November 2016: Started well, ended wiv me in a right state. Tsk!


Saturday 26th November 2016

Spanish: Sábado 26 de Noviembre de 2016

Wide awake at 0230hrs: Pondered on the only bit of the dreams I’d had I could recall; I was trying to commit suicide in a large cellar, by jumping off a tin of Quality Street chocolates, and baffled as to why this didn’t kill me, kept trying, again and again, until the tin was flattened, then someone in the next cell banged on the wall and complained about the noise?

Scrambled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Much blood from Haemorrhoids Harold again, but considering the marathon I had yesterday, the legs knees and feet felt fine? Mind you, I did take me time.

Got the mushrooms and carrots in the Crock-Pot simmering away. Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Computer turned on and updated the diaries and did a graphic or two for later.

Checked the emails and remembered that I have the INR blood test at the hospital on Monday, so I got the Anticoagulation sheet out ready and left in on the writing desk in the hope that it would remind me.

biregDid some Facebooking.

Then a graphic for the TFZer site folks from all over the world.

While doing this graphic, medical Whoopsiedangleplop!

Suddenly I got a dizzy spell and started shaking and sweating a bit.

Weariness and fatigue followed. I even felt a bit pitiful and depressed at the same time?

Turned off the computer and sat doing nothing for hours and hours, I turned on the TV, but concentration had evaporated.

7sun02A lot later, I decided to try and get something to eat. Herb tomatoes, Gnocchi and mushrooms, with what was left of the Sourdough bread.

I smelt so nice, but the taste buds had gone all warped again and I did not eat anywhere near all of it. 

Put the dish down and fell asleep, forgetting to take the evening medications again!

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