Inchcock Today – Monday 26th September 2016: Laundry, To town, Laptop struggle, Olive not in, rain and drizzle, and I felt extremely nervous for some reason?


Monday 26th September 2016

Woke around 0130hrs. I’d dreamt a dream I thought I could never forget, it was horrible. When I woke again around 0300hrs, I’d forgotten all of it. Huh!

No demand for the general WRHD session, but plenty of WRWWs presented themselves. Took the medications with an extra Senna again.

1mon02Got the washing, which I’d got ready last night, all sorted and waiting to go down to the laundry room. When I arrived at the machines, around 0325hrs, someone had used both dryers and they had not used a washer. Naughty! Still, it didn’t work out too bad, the spinner with the timer showing indicated it had 34 minutes left. So I did my wash on the short cycle which takes 30 minutes. Returned to the flat, made a cuppa, started the laptop up and started to sort the Inchcock Today posts.

1mon01Back down to the laundry room and the lady who’d used both dryers arrived to retrieve her washing. She did not clean out the filter on either machine –Double naughty! She took her things away and I cleaned out both filters for her. Transferred my stuff to the dryer and back up to the flat.

Worked on the laptop and the time shot by. Back down and collected my now cleaned and dried clobber. Cleaned the filter, wiped the machines and titivated the sink area. Someone, had deposited a broken lamp shade and split cushion in the waste bin? Also, I noticed someone had put a note on the Tenant’s Board, asking whoever keeps throwing used tea bags out of their window to stop the practice? I know we have had six new tenants arrive this month, hope they don’t turn out to be elderly ragamuffins? Hehe!

Back again to the apartment, had what must have been my fifth WRWW, kettle on and put the gear away and reloaded the laundry pots for use next time.

Made another mug of tea and back on the laptop to finish yesterday’s dairy and start this one off.

1mon04Made sure the expensive mini M&S Quiche Lorraine was safely in the refrigerator for later.

I hope to get out and visit the mallards later today.No, second thoughts

No, second thoughts, I just nip in the Victoria market and get some of the chocolate cashew nuts, then to Tesco to get some cheapo cheese slices to have on top of the quiche methinks.

castle2Did some Facebooking.

Then enjoyed doing some more graphicationalisationing.

TFZer Terrie in this one, with no less than James Bond, the real James Bond too!

A couple of TFZer pets sneaked into the shot as well. Marie & Janet need to know where their animals get to. Hehe!

Jane had sent photo’s of Fooey and the last one of Queenie before she was put to sleep. Sad I know, but I’m proud of how Janet has handled it. I’ll get them posted on Facebook TFZer site later, or in the morning.

Carried out my ablutions and was soon down at the L9 bus stop waiting for it to arrive. Nice gossip with some other tenants while waiting.

Into town and dropped off on Goosegate, Hockley. Went to the Chinese shop to see if they had any of the cheesy seaweed in stock. But they were closed. Huh!

The weather was a little overcast, and there were very few folks about this morning.

1mon05The drizzle started to fall. 

This area (Hockley) was known as downtown Nottingham years ago. IT used to be very popular with the shoppers way back. But not anymore.

They say that pedal cyclists should be allowed to use the pavements when the traffic is heavy and dangerous? Like this one on Goosegate in downtown Nottingham this morning?

1mon04aI had a wander around and a slow walk to the Victoria Market (Mall).

As I crossed the walk-over, I took a picture of a lone pigeon on top of the Wilko roof a way off.

I thought I might use this one as a caption competition perhaps?

It seemed to me that the bird was looking straight at me? Thought it might get a few captions from the TFZers… or maybe not.

Over and into the Market and the nut stall – Swines have put the prices up now! They were costly enough before I thought, at £1.15 for 100 grammes, now they are £1.29! Humph!

Limped down the end of the mall and called in Tesco, thinking they sometimes have the seaweed and cheese snack in, but they didn’t today. They did, shame however, have some of the Fresh Cream French Horns on sale… Ahem! Along with cheapo cheese slices and some new season English Worcester apples.

The rain threatened again as I left the shops, and I decided to make for home as the L9 bus was due in eight minutes now. Got to the bus stop on Queen Street, and this made me think about Sister Jane having to have her Queenie put down.

A lady (Cyndy) tenant on the bus had a chinwag with me, and she kindly took one of the Fresh Cream French Horns from me to assuage my guilt in buying them. So then I was only feeling half as sinful. Hehe!

Back at the flats, we both missed the bus stop! We did laugh!

I got the WRWW session out of the way, and was going to start the photograph doctoring… but the laptop informed me it was preparing the updates…


The day had almost done by the time I could get on the laptop! Humph!

Still, I got some cleaning up done and sorted some paperwork out while I waited, it didn’t bother me at all. 09 

1mon06Set about doing Jane’s sad last photographs of Queenie. A real lady in the cat world that will be missed terribly.

1mon07Jane told me she is the only female in the house now.

The remarkable Fooey is still going, though.

Apparently, he decided to get his head down somewhere entirely different for a change yesterday.

Just where Pete was trying to lay a new carpet!

I don’t think they had the urge to move the lovable rogue, though.

I got some of the meal ready on the plate, only got to cook the high-priced quiche and add that to the platter now, oh no, I’ve got to cut up the Worcestershire apple.

Decided to go see if Olive was in and take her some Worcester apples. Back in a bit, I hope. Hehehe!

Damn it, she wasn’t in. Sob!

Took the medications and BP etc. The scales were out of order tonight, definitely!

1mon09Got the fodder meal ready and digested it.

The peppers might have been a bit dated, cause they were red hot, too hot for me. The cheapo Tesco cheese slice tasted like cardboard, the M&S Quiche like a newspaper, the chicken legs were too hot too, the pickled eggs, beetroot, red onions and chestnuts were excellent, though. The Worcestershire apple was crisp and sweet.

Watched some of the ‘Still Open All Hours’ DVD, began to feel nervous and unsettled, for no reason, that I could find?

Hoping that Jane and Olive are alright.

Sleep can easily this Monday night, a nice change that!

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Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th September 2016: Slipper Whoopsiedangleplop, not much else occurred

Sunday 25th September 2016


Lay thinking of the dreams I’d had, but not many details came to mind, just overall views of frustration and embarrassment lingered?

Got up 0400hrs, lowered the £300 second-hand recliner chair, it shuddered a bit more than usual, and could only find one slipper? No time to search in depth, as I was in need of an urgent WRHD session. A bit easier than yesterday this time, still bloody but less so.

7sun02Took the morning medications with another Senna tablet, made a cuppa and started the hunt for the missing slipper.

Just as I was convincing myself I’d gone potty again, it came to light.

Somehow it had got entangled under the £300 second-hand recliner chair.

There was a bit of hassle from Arthur Itis and Anne Giner by the time I’d struggled to extract the slipper.

All that looking for it over an hour or so, Tsk!

I did feel a fool!

Laptop on, no washing or shaving yet, it was too cold this morning. I’d had an idea for a post during the night and wanted to get it down while I could remember it. Got the laptop on.

Had to nip back for a WRWW this time.

When I returned to the laptop, I couldn’t retrieve the idea I’d had from the brain-box. Huh!

Downloaded the photographs from the card and resized them to use in finishing off the Saturday post. Took a photo of the recliner.

Still cold in the flat now, put my jumper with the attached hood on. I must remember to ask someone about how the storage heaters work again.

birtheveDid some graphic creating in CorelDraw X8 and Facebooking.

Drizzling with rain on and off still outside.

I wanted to get out into the Woodthorpe Grange Park Copse today to take some photographs and enjoy the scenery.

But if the weather stays like this, I don’t think I’ll bother.

Did some Facebooking again. Lots of nice comments on the page, makes me feel wanted, like.

The rest of the day I did graphicalisationing, then faded for some reason, read the book, nodded off. Watched TV, nodded off. Put the radio on, nodded off.

So I did the ablutions and got my head down, and couldn’t sleep. Humph!

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Inchcock Today Saturday 24th September 2016: Olive in good form!

Saturday 24th September 2016


Stirred around 0300hrs and sat pondering the dream I’d been having. Not that I could remember all that much. Something about being in the dessert, trying to dig a hole with my hands… then I was lost in a factory being chased, and another with me talking about the need for world peace with Albert Einstein, we were both apparently speaking in an unknown tongue but understood each other? The smell of his pipe I recall, was making me so jealous and I wanted to start smoking mine again, but it was made of liquorice?

A feeling of self-worthlessness lingered, and around 0330hrs, I got out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and tackled my first WRHD of the day. Not an easy session again, but no worse than yesterday’s at least, little bleeding from Haem Aroids. As I went to wash my hands, I stubbed the same toe as I did last night on the same part of the same trolley. Tsk!

Into the kitchen and took a photograph of the morning’s dim view – without the camera card in it as it turned out, so, no photo. Humph!

Made a brew took the medications and a Senna tablet. Got the laptop going and sat there wondering why I felt so depressed in spirits this morning. Perhaps the run of Whoopsidangleplops I’d been having? Or, not seeing Olive yesterday? Sister Jane called me last night, she was at the vets with her beloved Queenie cat, expecting the worst poor gal, so sorry for her. She said she’d let me know how it goes, but I can understand her not wanting to if the worst happens to Queenie.

I just don’t know why I feel so melancholy, but the unwelcome forlornness and self-pity seems rampant? I reflected and mused on this for so long the mug of tea went cold. Made another, and updated this diary.

Had a look on Facebook, checked emails.

Olive has her daughter and son in law visiting and staying this weekend, I’ll pop in to see her later.

Carried out the ablutions and changed the batteries in the hearing aids.

6sat02Getting into the lift, found the floor was in a right state.

Out to catch the L9 into town to get the cheque in the bank. The L9 was late, so not knowing if it was coming or not (As they often fail to turn up on Saturdays), I got on the L8 to go to Sherwood and catch another bus on Mansfield Road. The L9 passed us going the other way as we went down Winchester Hill. Caught a bus in Sherwood and was soon in town.

6sat03Walked straight down through the slab square to the bank.

Done the business with the bank and went into Marks & Spencers to see if they had any small quiches with a difference on sale.

I’ve taken to these quiches yer know.

Got a Quiche Lorraine at a ridiculously high price, convinced it must taste superior to the Morrison and Asda (Walmart) ones. Also purchased little pork pies with pickle, drumsticks and a honey BBQ snack.

Then I took an aimless wander around the city centre and the many street entertainments and endless temporary retail stalls.6sat04

The first one being an ex Routemaster Bus in the middle of the Slab Square that had been converted into a bar/pub with chairs outside. Not many folks there when I took the first photo above, but an hour or so later the alcoholics had gathered. Hehe!

6sat05There was a converted VW Camper Coffee Shop as well. Clever and original idea I thought, that was.

No customers, though.

Not surprised at the prices they were changing. I mean, almost £6 (US $7.79 AUD $10.18 or CAD $10.35 a coffee is a bit much?

6sat07There was a stall, the one on the left here: Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli that brought a smile to me face, I have to say.

I wondered if they were selling Poodle burgers, Corgi cones or Great Dane Chops?

Hehehe! Not a lot of interest was shown by the Nottinghamian shoplifters, though.

6sat06I wandered around the side streets and wondered what the Morris type dancing was in celebration of?

As the wind began to get up badly, I decided to make my way back towards the centre and catch the last L9 bus back to the excellent Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Woodthorpe Court flats, in other words, home! Haha!

6sat08The wind was blowing the trees about in the Slab Square as I took this shot of the Council House and Little John’s clock dome.

I did notice, from taking this photograph and walking to Queen Street to the bus stop, there were very few people who were not on their phones, drinking (Coffee I assumed) from large plastic cups.

The bus soon has me back at the flats, and I called into my apartment to pick up the Cox’s apples I’d bought for Olive and visited her at hers. Her son and daughter in law were there, and we all had a natter and laugh. Olive seemed pleased with these tangy flavoured apples cause they (Cox’s Pippins) are her favourite variety too.

Back to number 72, WRHD, shoes off, slippers on, medications were taken, laptop on and updated this tosh.

I asked Google for Celebration Days for today and got this list.

6sat09I’ve never heard of most of them? National Punctuation Day was there, not my strongest point.

I’ll try to remember to do one for tomorrow’s diary and see what it brings.

Got the nosh, but lost the photograph I took of it? It might be in my Lumix TZ70 camera’s memory, but I can’t work out how to get into it. Anyroad, the Quiche was disappointing, but the rest was all good.

Planned to settle down and watch some TV, but soon nodded off.

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Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd September 2016: Whoopsiedangleplops continue – Humph!

5fri01Friday 23rd September 2016

Venerdì 23 Settembre 2016

Kept waking up throughout the night, I think I may have been having the same type of dream repeatedly? I kept trying to get up out of an old tin bath, and people would stop me. I’d found myself in a courtroom and I’d be charged with something (So annoying that I can’t remember what, though), and was fined astronomical amounts of cash, and be confined to the old bath and given an ASBO by a laughing judge with a beard every time?

0510hrs: I stirred and took the medications with an extra Senna, and tended to a WRHD session. NOT GOOD! Painful again, and Little Inchy’s lesion was bleeding once more after I’d gone weeks without this happening too! Damnations, I thought this had been sorted, Huh! Combined with my Memory Whoopsiedangleplops of recent, and depression set in.

5fri02For some reason, I found the view from the kitchen window this morning to be extra appealing?

Made a good strong brew and got the laptop on to update the diaries. Checked the emails. It seems I’m going to lose the frozen foods I’d got on order from Morrisons due to my own fault in going out and forgetting the delivery was due. Got to pay the delivery cost twice as well. As I say, no one but myself to blame!

Must remember the Morrisons delivery this time.

Did a bit of graphicationalisationing.

0800hrs: Ablutions tended to, dug out the Hydrocortisone cream and doctored Little Inchy and his lesion. Got the things for the bus trip to town, to put the tax man’s cheque in the bank and get another miniature Quiche Lorraine.

5fri03Back onto the laptop and CorelDraw graphicationalisationing, then the pleasant Morrison man arrived with the goods.

He put them in the kitchen for me.

I got them stored away.

Then got the jacket and bags and went to the bus stop with the jars for the bottle bank. Met Deana in the lift and she offered to take the jars for me as hse was passing. Nice!

5fri04I noticed a new instruction sign on the side of the L8 bus.

whoops Then, Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day!: I got on the wrong bus and ended up going to Arnold by mistake! Regrettably, I started to do the crossword on the bus and didn’t notice this until I was half way to Arnold. Well, this is definitely further proof of my being a worthy again! 11b

So no going to the bank today, although things did work out well in other ways. I found a shop that sold and had in stock the DeoFab fabric freshener spray and at £1. So I bought four of them because I like the scent a lot and use it to spray my clothes, carpets and shoes.

Called into Asda to get a little Quiche Lorraine. They were five pence dearer than the Morrison ones. Got two custard doughnuts to drop off for Deana later when I call to get some recycling bags. Some other bits as well, nibbles for the nurses.

5fri05As I passed the Market Place it looked a bit busier today, but still sad.

It used to be so popular and busy a few years ago, now looking barren. But things change don’t they?

To the bus stop on High Street behind the Asda (Walmart)  store, half way up the hill at the side getting near the car park, I espied a youngish lady of 5fri06what I think might be incredibly fashionable sense conscious.

I took a photograph of her hair style and colouring as she demolished a large packet of crisps.

I plodded on up and beyond her and to the bus stop. The message board told me the L9 was due in 16 minutes, that would be 20 minutes past the hour. The timetable in my pocket said it was due at 11 minutes past the hour? Got a bit confused here. Anyway, the bus arrived at 25 minutes past the hour.

5fri07As we got to the Sainsbury Store island where a right turn in required – the traffic was gridlocked for a good while, possibly due to the end of the road being blocked off for the underground Gas Workings.

We moved at last after ten minutes or so and the driver did his best to catch up.

Back at the flats, I was in urgent need of the porcelain.

But, it as delayed due to there only one lift being available, and that was being occupied by workmen taking stuff up and down. Tsk! Eventually, I got up and into the flat, only just in time… it was a close call!

Sorted out the things and got the slippers on, and updated this tosh to here.

5fri08Got the custard doughnuts and went down to give them to Deana and collect some orange waste bags. This was not to be. It took ages to get down with the workmen still lugging material up and down, but I got to the Community Hut, and no one was in, all locked up.

Back to the foyer of the apartments and saw a tenant, Joy I think her name is, and as we both waited for the one lift to become free, I gave her the custard doughnuts. At least she smiled and thanked me, bless her.

Called on the off chance of seeing Olive, but she was out too.

Another WRWW and I updated this again and did some Facebooking for an hour or two, it seemed to run a bit better today.

6fri09Got the mini quiche lorraine with a slice of smoked cheese on top in the oven. BBQ Chicken legs, lettuce, onions, pickled egg, roast onions, yellow and red little cherry type tomatoes, Nordic style bacon, beetroot, sliced green and yellow peppers and sliced cox’s apple.

It was reet grand!

Watched a bit of TV in between nod-offs.

About 2300hrs I got up for a WRWW and stubbed my toe, first time I’ve done this for over a week now… just thought I’d mention it like.

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Inchcock Today Thursday 22nd September 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop!


Hectic life, innit?

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Donnerstag 22. September 2016

0445hrs: After waking and sitting in the £300 second-hand recliner trying to recall the dreams for a while, without any luck, I had to attend to a WRHD session. Not an easy one again, a bit like dropping a lb Grand Slam bomb into a canal, talk about relief and pain a the same time! At least there were only a few smudges of blood.

Took the morning medications, along with a Senna tablet. Might it be an idea for me to take these at night in the future?

Laptop on to work on the diaries and clear off some graphics to make more room on the hard drive.

Posted the diary and tried Facebooking to see if it would play me up again.

Ablutions carried out, readied the things for the Tenants Social Hour, then nipped to see if Olive was in on the way out. She was, and she phoned to cancel the Feet First chiropodist appointments for me. We had a good chinwag, and I took some jars from her to go with mine to go to the bottle bank. Kiss and a Cuddle, and bad news, she will be busy Friday, off I poddled to the Tenants Social hour dropping our clear glass jars in the bank on the way.

A few more folks there this morning. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got settled next to Eddy. BJ and grumpy Bill arrived shortly. Nice to see BJ, he’s had a great holiday break. Took the nibble box around, getting a gossip with so many as I did so. Pleasant Bill arrived, and we were all concerned that Toni was not here, someone said she was at a hospital appointment. 

4thu001Taking BJ’s photo and chinwagging to him, I was telling him about me having my first ever quiche, and it dawned on me then… I’d forgotten all about the Morrisons delivery that must have arrived while I was talking with Olive.

Hobbled back up to the flat to see if they had left any note through the door. Nothing there, so I wrote the details of the order and nipped back to the Community Hut to beg BJ to call them for me.

4thu01Which he did when the noise died down, and the other tenants had left, bless him.

This photographicalisation is the only one I managed to take this week.

They told him they could deliver it twixt 1800 > 2100 hrs tonight, and would confirm with me later, possibly in ten minutes or so.

Thus, I had to get back to the flat sharpishly so as not to miss the call. I thanked BJ and made my way to the apartment.

4thu02The Morrison man called as soon as I got in. They could not deliver again today after all. Made arrangements to have it tomorrow at the same time as I should have been here to receive it today, twixt 0900 > 1000 hrs. The man apologised for not being able to sort it sooner. I told him it was my fault anyway and thanked him.

Made a big note and put it on the DVD shelf, hoping I’d see it in the morning when I wake up? Oh dear! 11b Me!

4thu03Feeling depressed and was well and truly pissed off with me now.

Made a brew and noticed the sky was beautiful again today.

The airliner plane concerned me when I saw it. We have airports to the left and right of this view, this one was coming toward the hill we live on? Moments later it veered to the right, though. Phew!

bilyzzi biparkrofMade a large mug of tea and got on with updating this tosh. Then did some graphicalisationing for at least five hours.

p1110890Took the medications and got the fodder ready.

Cheese cubes, BBQ chicken legs, oven chips, beetroot, gherkins, roast onions, crispy, smoked streaky bacon and the last of the Anya potatoes.

Followed by an apple and a naughty lemon cheesecake.

I should have enjoyed it greatly, but the shame of forgetting the Morrison delivery and feeling a right clot remained, and took precedence in my thoughts.

I can’t get any help from the Doctor over these many memory lapses that are becoming more frequent, and I’m genuinely worried about them.

Must call Brother-in-law Pete tomorrow, to arrange to get down to see him and Jane.


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Inchcock Today Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September 2016

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Mardi 20 Septembre 2016

After a night of being chased dreams, I woke around 0600hrs and climbed out of the non-working £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRHD session. Not an easy one, maybe the cheese I had with the quiche last night?

Laptop on and made a right mess of my idea for a funny post and gave up. Got yesterday’s Dairy finished off and published.

Made a brew and took the medications, had a WRWW and Arthur Itis was giving the knees some jip! All the walking in the rain yesterday, perhaps?

Checked emails then went on Facebook and CorelDraw, for too many hours.

Got the mixed vegetables on the boil. Anya potatoes in the saucepans and peas and mushrooms cooking in the Crock-Pot.

Did some email checking and decided to get the ablutions done, then sort out the clothes for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Had a carbolicalisationing session in the shower, only cut my chin twice shaving (Getting flabby around the gills now yer know, hehe), forgot to clean me teggies so went back in and did so. Popped on the scales, but let’s not go into that. Ahem!

Had a walk into Sherwood and forgot to take the camera with me. Tsk! Took the walking stick, but when I got close to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, the right leg was terribly painful. I waited at the bus stop and returned to the flats.

When I was waiting, I noticed that I’d taken the wrong bag with me anyway! 11b

Two other tenants were there, and they didn’t hold the lift for me as I lagged behind a little. Humph, swines! Fair enough really, they might well have been in desperate need after their time out shopping, and wanting to use the Porcelain themselves. Hehe!

Turned the potatoes up a bit, and Crock-Pot on high. Had a WRWW session, laptop on and updated this hogwash.

2tue03Called on Olive, she was in great form and twinkling! A talk laugh and cuddle and I returned to number 72 and added some lamb gravy granules to the vegetables.

Feeling a bit down suddenly, no rhyme or reason for this as far as I could tell?

I hate it when this happens.

For some reason, I had a search around for the brown missing new belt and the brown umbrella. No luck.

Got some graphics collated to work on later.

2tue04Got the fodder served up in the bowl and tucked into it.

Got the seasoning right this time and the lamb flavour came through nicely too.

I did nibble some nuts later. That sounded healthy, didn’t it? I have to admit they were chocolate covered nuts. Shame mode adopted!

I chose some TV to watch, but the nodding off sessions became rampant, and I gave up to get off to sleep properly… Of course, I couldn’t. Tsk!


Wednesday 21st September 2016

Mercoledì 21 Settembre 2016

0525hrs: Woke, and lay there thinking about the dreams I’d had. Not a lot of detail, but the trend and mood of them seemed clear. In a factory, being chased again, school being bullied, using the old STfm computer and running for election as World President demanding freedom for tea bags and we must all use wooden spoons to stir the brew or something like that?

0600hrs: Instant notification from the bowels that I need a WRHD visit. The £300 Second-Hand recliner worked perfectly to release me, and the session did not go well. Took a good while and it a painful. No blood, though, thankfully this time.

Took an extra Senna with the medications and made a cuppa. Got on with the CorelDraw (Which unfortunately froze and I lost no end of work) to make some graphics for later use.

Did an order for Morrisons adding some Quiches.

Updated the diary, nowt much on Monday’s so I’ll do a double with today’s combined.

Had a good carbolicalisationing shower. Changed and out to the bus stop. No one else in site.

Arrived in Arnold uneventfully and went into Asda (Walmart) and got the Tenants camera photo’s done. Then did a bit of shopping while they were processed. I meant to get some Lemon frizzles, but foolishly selected Lemon Cheesecakes by mistake Huh! Got a TV paper, Irish Batch bread and some cashews.

Collected the photographs. Here is a couple of them:

p1110753 p1090017

Out of the Asda shop and a wonder through the Fulton’s Store. Got some small tins of chicken meat sausages, and a pack of four battered fish cakes.

Hobbled up to the High Street bus stop, to wait for the L9 bus near the car park.

3wed2 3wed3

I noticed how neatly someone had parked the Asda shopping trolley? Haha!

Back at the flats, I called on Olive, but she was not in. Sob!

Got into number 72, put the bread in the freezer and tins away in the cupboard and took the medications and updated this diary.

3wed5Got the fodder ready:

Battered fish cakes, Anya potatoes, blue cheese, pickle salad, beetroots, pickled eggs, gherkin, and red and yellow tomatoes.

Had the Surimi Royale, delectably sweet and tasty it was too!

No bread. Followed with a banana and apple along with the mini pot of Lemon Cheesecake.

A slight involuntary emission of the wind from the rear end when I was clearing up in the kitchen and… Phwoar! I think the ends of the kitchen rolls turned up! Hehe!

 Planned the TV viewing, and no falling asleep or nodding off at all. In fact, I had a hell of a job sleeping at all, it must have been well into the early hours before I drifted off.

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Marissa and Duncan visit Shirl’s and Mike’s weekend retreat


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I, fank You!

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