The End of Inchcock’s Year

24th December


Popped around to visit Olive and sat there in the chair,

Moments it seemed later back in my flat, how did I get there?

Olive’s son was with me, then the paramedic appeared,

The ambulance came as I began to feel less weird,

I’d no idea what had happened to be fair,

Just glad that Roger was there,

Off to the hospital, joined the other patients in the ginormous queue,

Warfarin levels checked and the BP too,

They told me it was far too low, but by then I felt alright,

On a trolley and into the patient filled corridor till midnight,

Tests continued as I waited through the night,

Nice nurses shuffled me along as patients were admitted or released to their delight,

Making more room for us awaiting, some bloodied, a terrible sight.

Got to see the doctor, as Christmas Day dawned,

The poor man looked so weary, and he yawned,

More INR and blood tests were done first,

They gave me a drink of water, to stem my thirst,

Then I waited in a side room, fearing the worst,

Two doctors joined me later in that bay,

One said he thought I’d had a mini-stroke,

He looked so tired, he was a kind natured bloke,

The other smiled at me and he began to say,

We can’t let you go, we must book you in some way,

Your BP is so low, your INR too high, we need to monitor your meds,

Overnight at least, sorry you can’t go home now, but we’re short of beds,

So, I joined the queue of patients on trolleys waiting for admission,

I felt whatever had happened to me, was now in full remission,

So I lay waited in the corridor, feeling in good condition,

An hour later some people appeared to say they had no beds available,

No surprise to me, I found this understandable,

“We’re releasing you, so you can go home!”

So out of the hospital, I did roam.

I went to catch a bus, although it was well past midnight,

I’d got no money or bus pass with me, oh, what a fright!

Can’t catch a taxi – the only option left… Hobble the five miles to the flat,

I felt such a clot, but pressed on… maybe the walk will help me lose some fat?

Got home shattered, porcelain attended fell asleep and that was that!

Wednesday 27th December 2016

Awoke; no memories of any of me dreams,

Lost forever, sadly, it seems,

Life feels far less confusing and not, so affictitious,

Even the medications with the morning cuppa tasted delicious,

Time to make plans, designs, maybe a cunning scheme?

But the evening nosh was tasty in the extreme!



Thursday 29th December 2016

Up at 0245hrs, porcelain duties and medications tended to,

Down to the laundry room, freezing cold it was too.


The washing machine left all my clothes very wet,

Had to use the dryer twice, clothes not proper dry yet,

Back up to the flat, clothes on the dryer flat,

Then noticed a fire in the distance that,


Looked a nasty one, hope no one injured.

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Whoopsiedangleplop Highlights of Thur/Fri am 5-6th January 2017


0230hrs: Woke with Little Inchy bleeding merrily away. Decided to add the bloodied clothing to the laundry bag and go down to the laundry room, and get the washing done straight away.

During which I managed to knock my head on the top left-hand corner of the dryer, cut my finger of the cracked metal on the filter cage, trap my finger between the door and the sink cupboard and bang my elbow on the sink drain corner.


Noticed one of the chairs had gone missing in the foyer.

You can see the fading on the carpet where it once stood.

It reappeared later in the day?

The only highlight of the day was I got to visit Olive before I went out. She was not very well, and was now waiting further surgery. I love that woman.


4thur12Caught the bus to the clinic. Where the investigating medical team, as they got me laying down and they examined the lesion on Little Inchy through this gigantic electric magnifying glass contraption, with a new control apparently I heard them say. As usual, I had to remove my hearing aids so as not to interfere with the thing.

The new machine was a lot larger than the old one and blocked my view of the students, nurses and Doctors reaction and giggling about the lack of size and volume of the appendage they were investigating and trying to find a way to stop bleeding. After half an hour of smutty looks and amusement for them, I was taken into a room to have some needles inserted with some yellow liquid, that stung a bit, but only a bit.

I waited on the trolley while they analysed the blood. I’d been through similar before, so made sure I’d stuffed my book to read in the dressing gown thingy.

A different Doctor returned with the two others and informed me they were going to give corticoid (I think) cream one more go, and gave me a tube of a stronger one to use this month. This one must be kept in the fridge between usage.

The female doctor said if this does not work, she will arrange for me to see a specialist surgeon and discuss the option on skin grafting.

I went back to the flat and put the tube into the fridge, then set off to Mansfield to see if I could find any of the tins of Beef Goulash at the B&M store there. They had none.

Sister Jane rang me en route, and I agreed to meet Pete in the morning in town.


Back at the flat, I got the meal ready as I felt rather hungrier than usual.

It turned out absolutely divine tasting too! Vegetable sausages, pea-rice sticks, wonderful cooked mint flavoured beetroots, a Cox apple, chicken sticks that were not chicken but TVP I think, and the best of the lot. I’d boiled some potatoes the poured some light Soy Sauce over them and baked them for a bit with the sausage. Rated this one 9.44/10!

4thur06I carried out the BP tests as instructed. All over the place lately, up and down. I’m recording them on Excel so I can take a screenshot and email it to the doctors at the end of the week.



I suddenly felt so tired it was hard to understand why.

I didn’t feel unwell at all, just tired and drained.

Managed to get the washing up done, then sat down and irresistibly, I drifted off.

After a couple of hours, I woke thinking it was morning, but it was tea-time, then I drifted off again!

Sometime later I woke, needing the to use the porcelain. Little Inchy was bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding and I had to change togs yet again. Tsk!

Sister Jane rang (I think). I nodded off once more. An hour or so later I thought I heard the phone ringing, picked it up but no one there?

a6Another hour or so and I thought it rang again… then I realised that it was the doorbell chiming. The cleaning ladies had, as they usually do, altered the tune on the bell when they used the socket. By the time I got to the door, whoever it was that had tried at least twice to contact me, had long gone. Humph!

I still felt tired, but could then not get back to sleep. Put the TV on and started to watch a documentary about the war. Nodded off t the first commercial break.

Woke again (Around 0230hrs I think) and had to go back to the wetroom to tend to Little Inchy.

Back in the £300 second-hand recliner and off to sleep again and the many weird dreams.

Woke yet again, thinking it was light, and remembering I was to meet Pete, I hastened out of the chair and as I did, I recognised that the light I thought was morning dawning was from the TV that I’d left on, and it was actually 0500hrs. Oh dear me!

Confusion reigns!

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Monday 26th December 2016 – Whoopsiedangleplop


The Reason for this marathon hobble?

A Whoopsiedangleplop!

I awoke in a rather confused state of mind – befuddled.

I called to see Olive, her son Malcolm was there and we were gossiping about something or other and it seems I drifted off into my own little world and started making no sense of what I was saying?

Malcolm took me back to the flat and had to tell me that the paramedic was on the way.

Found these notes I’d done:

1230hrs: Visiting Olive and I a lost consciousness while talking.
1245hrs: Olive rang ambulance paramedic.
1320hrs: Paramedic arrived. Tests.
1600hrs: The ambulance arrived. More tests and they took me away.
1700hrs: Arrived for more tests from different doctors and departments.
I felt a bit sorry for some of the patients in the big holding area, there must have been dozens of trolley-bound patients waiting, they all had a relative or friends with them and the resulting mayhem with patients being moved along and ever squashed further in an effort to create more room as other arrived all the  time.
2015hrs: Seen by Cardiac – After tests, I was told that I was being admitted.
2055hrs: Got ready to go to the ward.
2200hrs: Still on trolley waiting. But felt so much better and more alive.
2225hrs: Different doctor arrived with INR blood test results. Very high, 4.7. Then another blood pressure test and that was far too low after the previous one was found to be far too high. Another doctor arrived and told me to stop taking the Ramipril and Warfarin for two days, and they would let the Doctor Vindla (My GP) know of the situation.
2205hrs: I was placed in a long remote corridor along with several other patients waiting for a bed to come free. None did. The queue grew.
2255hrs: Told I was being released (No beds). Must make an appointment to see my own doctor.
Officially released.
No buses and no taxis, not that I saw any on the walk home anyway, and I had no money with me either.
Took about an hour and 45 minutes to walk home.
Strangely I enjoyed the hobble, apart from the pain from the calves. I nip in the air, and several gangs of youths kept my attention and forced a rapid rate of walking was attained and kept throughout the hobble home.
Got in and pain gelled the legs, took a codeine and ate a thick slice of shoulder ham.
Sat and fell into a deep much-needed sleep.
Slept for over nine hours.
Rang Olive to thank her for the help from Malcolm and herself yesterday. Arranged for me to visit her at 1400hrs today. When I intend to cuddle and thank her for caring for me.
2tue01Set about doing this post.
The calves were still aching relentlessly, but all the other ailments, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, Inchies Lesion, Donald Dizzy and bruised head were of no concern at this moment.
I was just glad to be here in acceptable health and Compos Mentis.
TTFN all.
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Sunday 18th December 2016: Inchcock Today: A mental wreck reporting


Sunday 18th December 2016

Swahili: Jumapili Desemba 18, 2016

Sleep was not an option last night. Stewing, in my self-disgust and pure fear at the threats of violence I’d received, permeated my brain every time I woke up in a state with Duodenal Daniel giving me severe bother, I could not make up my mind whether I should bother with carrying on with these diaries at all, the news being so bad.

To a WRHD session, Little inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold both bleeding didn’t do anything to cheer me up. I am uncheerupable and will be until things sort themselves out and I know where I stand with the intimidation and threats.

Took the medications and sat at the computer with a mug of tea; Pondering, fretting and wallowing in shame at myself.

Today being Sunday, at least I was to stay indoors and not expose myself to the big bully boy or his Mother. I decided to make today a graphicalisationing day, I must not let this bovver boy destroy everything precious in my life.

The mind rumbled away with no positive plans, ideas or thoughts being involved. The only thing that presented itself to me was that I must not inflame the situation by revealing details of the violent personages involved.

I made another cup of tea and tried to get on with doing the graphics for the TFZer site. something to take my mind off of the threats of physical brutality.

Got it done and posted.



whodizzStill feeling nervous.

7sun02Computerising on and off all day.

Nosh not enjoyed.

The mind toying with my sanity and safety, confusing reigning.

No getting to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Then up again two hours later, full of an empty feeling.

I hope to be back again soon.


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Saturday 17th December 2016 – Inchcock Today. Under threat again.


Saturday 17th December 2016

Sesotho: Moqebelo Lekholo la bo17 December 2016

Well well well. fancy that, no memories of the dreams I just know I’d had, again. Huh! After trying to recall them and failing, I was up and on the porcelain by 0200hrs.

Even more painful than yesterday, so I took two Sennas straight afterwards. A further cause for concern apart from the bleeding and agony (Huh!) was that I’d left the flipping wall heater since yesterday morning, and overnight… that’ll please British Gas who like to take me money.

Got the gear ready and down to the laundry room and got the washer going. Back up and took the normal medications with a cuppa.

6sat02Down again half an hour later and moved the things into the dryer.

I then nipped out and took this photographicalisation outside of the foyer door.

It was not cold at all out there, just a little bit misty at the moment.

Back up to the flat and got the Computer going, starting to do the diaries.

6sat04An hour later, I nipped down to collect the laundry.

Spotted a hand written sign on the board, this time someone selling an electric bicycle (Spelt wrong, hehe!)

I assume this is from the mugwump who rode into me last month? I hope he is not getting another one?

6sat03As I went through the inner door on my way back to the flat with the bag of clothing, I noted that the stolen Santa Teddy Bear had been replaced with a much smaller one. Can’t blame em can yer, Tsk!

Some, not very many, in fact only a couple or so of the Tenants here, I would not trust an inch!

Back up to the apartment and a quick WRWW then I got the clothes put away.

Prepared a vegetable mix to have later with the Chicken and mushroom Risotto. Trimmed and chopped some parsnip, turnip and fresh mushrooms into some chicken gravy seasoned stock and got it all going in the Crock-Pot slow cooker on the Auto setting.

The turnips and parsnips must be in season methinks, cause the last lot tasted very good. I wasn’t sure about adding leeks and or onions, but thought perhaps they would not go well with the Risotto rice?

Found me singing away to myself? Bit worrying that! Hehe!

Did an order for Morrison’s foods to be delivered on Monday. I’d have liked to have had it on Wednesday, but there were no slots available due to the Christmas pressure? It was Monday or not at all, so Monday it is. I hope I remember ’cause I’ve got the INR Blood test at 1030hrs and I have to collect the prescriptions as well. Best if I go on me walk earlier and call at the Chemist first, the Nurse and then back home (I like that word, home) hopefully in time for the delivery. Fingers crossed!

6sat01Sorted out next weeks medication pots, think I got them right first effort this week. Of course, I may fond out differently later… Tsk!

Then got the computer back on and finished yesterday’s diary off and posted it, then started this one off.

Huh! Just realised I’d not done the midday ones – Crankle-Clot I am!

6sat05Did some Facebooking on the TFZers site. Posted the diary and some photographs.

Kept stirring the Crock-Pot vegetables regularly… ish!

Hung myself out of the window whilst in the kitchen making another cup of tea and took this photograph, ’cause I thought it looked a little moody?


Finished the latest TFZer graphicalisation and got it posted. I’d put nine TFZer pets in it for a bit of fun.

Must now get the ablutions done and get myself ready for a walk into Carrington and get the prescriptions from the chemist to make sure I’ll be okay over the holiday break. Crossing my fingers that they will be ready today?

Back in a while folks.

I’m back. When I departed on the walk to the chemist, a car pulled up at the side of me, and I received a loud full of foul language vicious verbal attack from a bloke in the vehicle. Threats and promises of rearranging my features and being beaten up ensued. The angry man would not listen to what I wanted to say. Stunned I moved on afterwards. Can’t go into detail for sheer fear.

All over a previous misunderstanding.

To the chemists, prescriptions not ready until Tuesday.

6sat06Did some shopping at Lidl.

Bus back into Sherwood. Called in to have a look at the new bakery shop – their Sourdough Bread was £3.50 a loaf, I did not get any.

Walked through the park back to the flats.

Watched the dogs a bit.

The stomach was churning now and I could feel Duodenal Daniel starting off. The altercation was to blame.

Not up to concentrating when I got in… well, only concentrating on the bullying tactics and intimidation.

6sat07Got the meal ready. Uncle Ben’s Mushroom Rissoto with some crock-pot vegetables and a sliced boiled then roast potato.

I think I would have rally enjoyed it if it wasn’t for the fretting and fear that had overtaken my disintegrating mind.

Still, I might give the Inchcock Today diaries a break, as I do not want to broadcast the current situation and how it is affecting me too much. I feel ashamed at how I withdrew and accepted the threats of violence and meekly walked away.

Bad news like this, I do not want to advertise.

I thought about this for hours and hours and decided I dare not mention this again until I find out what happens now and in the future. I felt terribly low and fearful… and the thought of having escaped the violence in the old house, to come here and have it starting again… Oh, I don’t know. Well I do know I dare not mention anyone involved in this incident for fear of his carrying out his violent threats.

As I write this, I do not know what to do. There is no way I will involve the police yet, as I hope things might change for the better, yet know they won’t.

Confused and dispirited.

I can only wait and see what develops.

Missed the evening medications again.

I’ll see how I feel in the morning about whether or not I can do the diaries at the moment.


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Inchcock Today: Fri 16 Dec 16: Whoopsidangleplops again… Humph!


Friday 16th December 2016

Irish: Dé hAoine 16 Nollaig, 2016

0230hrs: Sprang awake with an image of me in a big sewer come drainage pipe with my jammies on, trying to do a Rubik’s cube that kept falling apart and turning into Oxo cubes. Perhaps it was part of a dream? I’ve never seen or handled one in my life.

Demand for a WRHD session presented itself, and I dismounted the working perfectly but noisily £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the porcelain room – the stench and stink from last nights Whoopsidenagleplop with the burnt oven-cooking was lingering tenaciously and malodorously. Performed the WRHD session, with no bleeding at all from Haemorrhoid Harold!

Into the kitchen and took the morning medications and opened the window a bit, then sprayed some air freshener around, but it didn’t clear or mask any of the foul smell of burnt lamb juice, that with the flat being so small, had permeated everywhere. Phoo!

If I get out today to try and get to the Sainsbury store again (Hopefully catching the right bus this time, Hehe!), I’ll see if they have any active fresheners on sale.


I stood looking out of the window for a while. My dereistic view on life filtering into my thoughts and a sort of mild melancholy came over me for a few moments.

I pondered on how the horrible fetor in the flat could be alleviated, went to look in the cabinet to see if I had anything capable of being used effectively, stubbed my toe on the scales and lost interest.

5fri01I had an idea to do something with this photo for the TFZ site later, given time that is.

Took a close-up of the house wit the decorations outside, they had altered and changed them around Good effort.

Did some work on the diaries and got one posted off, then went onto CorelDraw to start the TFZ Cooks graphic from scratch.

Spent too much time on the job again, got to rush now to catch the bus… Tsk!

5fri04Ablutionised in record time ad down to the bus stop. Where I proceeded to get carried away again with nattering to some tenants and… hard to believe, but I got on the wrong bus again!

I stayed on all the way to town, then caught a bus out to Arnold.

Dropped off outside the Sainsbury store and proceeded to collect some Yushoi Soy & Balsamic Rice nibbles, a parsnip, two small turnips, two large King Edward potatoes and a Sourdough loaf of bread.

5fri03aWalked into Arnold proper and purchased twp cans of fabric freshener.

Hobbled up to the bus stop and as I waited, espied that the vandalised bench seat had not been attacked again since my last photograph taken of it. Hehe!

Nice chinwag and laugh with a gal on the bus as the darkness began to fall earlier than ever today.

Got into number 72 and attended the porcelain demands for a WRHD session. And it was heavy duty too, a bit bloody. Took the medications along with an added Senna tablet. Got a feeling that things were going to get tough in the WRHD department. Tsk!

5fri05Got the meal cooking and watched some of a DVD film.

Made sure I didn’t nod off this time.

Tomatoes on Sourdough bread, pickled mushrooms, strong cheddar cheese, foul tasting bland BBQ chicken legs, Cox’s dessert apple, appetising baked potatoes with cheese. Followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Finished watching the film and got the TV on in plenty of time to watch the most welcome double-bill of Hetty Wainthrope Investigates. Tried to make sure I could enjoy these: I visited the porcelains, made sure all the lights and taps were not left on, brought the pain gel,  sure the diamorphine and antacid were all to hand – so determined I was to enjoy my second favourite ever programme undisturbed!

Fell asleep at the first commercial break – Gnash!

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Inchcocks Woes – Thursday 14th December 2016: Got out to go to Arnold, got on the wrong bus and ended up in Nottingham. Oven fire. Lost shopping bag. Nothing new here then?


Thursday 14th December 2016

In Maori: Rāpare 14 Hakihea 2016

Woken at 0330hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner in the down posIition, nibble pots scattered about me, the TV still on. I think I’d been dreaming of Sister Jane and Dad? The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either.

The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either. Got the washing and down to the launderette and loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning

Got the washing bag and down to the laundry room, loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning at all. Got the computer started and made a cuppa and took an extra Senna with the medications.

4thur02Back down to move the clothes into the dryer. Popped out the foyer door to see if I could get a photograph on the Copse in the dark.

0415hrs: Up once more to the apartment, updated this diary. Brewed a mug of tea. Finalised yesterday’s journal.

Started graphicationalisationing for the next TFZer fun creation.

Back to collect the finished clothes from the laundry room. I was a little late with concentrating on the graphics and someone had kindly thrown my clothing on top of the dryer for me.

Up, put the clothing away and got a cuppa and back to the Graphicalisationing.

Again I lost track of time and had to rush to do the ablutions in time for me to get to the Tenants Social Hour in time. Not that the impetus and joy are in going there anymore, but I did tell BJ I would be going, so. Had a refreshing shave and shower, did the teggies and treated tender, sore Little Inchy as best I could.

Got the pressies, prized and nibbles in the bag.

Popped over to see Olive, where I got a mega-telling off for asking if I could take her photo. Apparently, her hair was not suitable at that moment. But she is so sweet yet commanding with it, and the twinkle in her eye transfixes me you know. Hehe!

4thur03Off to the Social Hour.

I must say the new display in the Foyer looked fantastic with the lights on. Very homely looking?

Out to the Winwood Community Shed and put the prizes on the trolley and sat down at a bare table and awaited the arrival of my weekly tale-mates. Bill arrived, in his usual confused state, a grand bloke is Bill. Bob next, he of the ‘I want’ category. Polish Eddie then, a 93-year-old-miracle is Eddie. Full of vim and energy too. Then mate BJ arrived. He’s taken to these Tenants Hour Session has BJ, he’s taken over helping with ‘doing’ the raffle now. The women love him to bits. I hate him… Jealousy! Hehehe!  A helper, can’t remember his name, he gave me some DVDs that he had from clearing his Mothers flat out.

Said my cheerios and back to the flat. Got ready to go out into Arnold with the intention of getting some Surimi, Sourdough bread and Rice-Pea snacks from Sainsbury’s. Down to the bus stop and chatted to a few other tenants. I noticed that on the concrete bollards at the side of the kerb, the Ladybirds had gathered again.


I took a couple of photo’s of them, there were eight bollards I looked at, and the insects were on each one. This phenomenon continues to puzzle me. Here we are in December and Ladybirds still active? Each time I see these, I tell myself to look up at them on the internet, but I always forget to.

4thur05Foolishly I got on the wrong bus, muggins here got on the inbound L9 in error for the outbound one.

Pillock with bar, that’s me!

Dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and up and over the walkway and took this photographicalisation of the Nottingham shoplifters and Benefit claimants. Haha!

4thur06My alternative plan was to go in the Victoria Centre Mall and go into Tesco and have a wander around. The intended Sainsbury expedition will have to be done tomorrow. Tsk!

I took a shot from the upper floor of the ‘Everything Made of Chocolate’ stall below.

It still fascinates me. Can’t make out what the yellow and grey things are bottom right?

Window shopped my way along and down and to Tesco. Where those deadly Fresh Cream French Horns jumped into my shopping basket without me realising it. (Ahem!)

4thur07Got some bits and wandered out of the centre by the shortest route, as it was getting a bit dangerous with the crowds so large, to walk safely.

Walked into the City Centre Slab Square, avoiding the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists as best I could.

When I was coming onto Milton Street, I was approached m an ITV interviewer and cameraman and they interviewed me about Government or Local to fund social care! I stuttered and was slow in forming my answers, so I don’t think they will be using me on the box, but they might?

In the square, the ice skaters were all having fun.


Many years ago, I tried ice skating at the arena. Ten minutes after starting and a broken ankle later, I gave up trying. Hahaha!


The stalls and rides evoked another memory from my muddled mind. I once had a go on the Horses around 1959 it was, at Goose Fair. They say I was the first person they had that fell off of a horse.

4thur10I had a further poddle around and then Anne Gyna started playing me up, so I made my way to the bus stop to catch an L9 bus back to the welcoming ‘So glad I live here now’ flat.

As the bus pulled off and I took this photographicalisation on the right at the top of King Street, I remembered that it was the City Hospital GUM Clinic appointment today! Plonker! However, it proved so lucky I recalled this when I did, ’cause all I had to do was stay on the bus beyond the Woodthorpe Court flats, and it took me straight outside the City Hospital gate, where I dropped off. Leaving one of my bags on the bus! Plonker again!

Walked through to the other side of the compound and into the GUM clinic. Smiler was working on the reception again. I’ve learned not to bother to even attempt any verbal communications with him, just yes, no and nods is best, he understands these simple non-sociable things.

Another session of embarrassing and belittling treatment ensued. Why should whoever sees me, do the interview and update, take me to a treatment room, pants down, lie down. Giant lighted magnifying machine placed over the lower regions as I lay there pretending not to be disconcerted or flustered while she has a look, then always they fetched some other persons to have a look and give their opinion and nurses and students are summoned to have a laugh as well! Huh!

4thur12Caught the bus back to the flats at the bus stop just out of view at the end of the side road in this photographicalisation above.

So glad to get back into the apartment and get the kettle on, slippers on and a WRHD session. When it came to putting the bits I’d bought away, I realised I had only one bag – the second bag I assume, I’d left on the bus or at the GUM clinic. Twit!

Got preparing the evening meal. Sliced the boiled potatoes I did earlier into thick wedges and placed these along with the last of the lamb leg steaks in a foil tray into the oven, to cook them slowly.

Into the living room and got the DVD, one that the chap gave me this morning, ‘Extras – The Special’ and got carried away viewing it, really good it was, and I was so contended watching it – until I saw the smoke coming through the door, which thankfully was open due to not being able to be closed (Mainly because it won’t close thanks to the United Carpet fitter’s lack of skill!).

Oh dearie me… when I opened the oven door, so much smoke flooded out I was sure the smoke alarm would go off, but it didn’t – and that amazed me somewhat. Belatedly I closed the kitchen door and opened the window, bruising my knuckles on the damned fiddly switch twixt the window and wall… Sob!

I got the fodder out, and it looked fine… well marinated with smoked, but fine. Set about investigating, and the tray had leaked and the lamb juice dripped onto the bottom of the oven. It took me more than an hour to clean it up, and it ain’t properly cleaned but looks a lot better. Had to clean up the floor, the bowl, the sink, the counters, me… Humph!

4thur11The meal I’d placed in foil to try and keep it warm. It wasn’t too bad actually.

Chinese mushrooms, normal mushrooms, tomatoes, strong blue stilton cheese, garden peas, cheesy cob (Only ate one of them) anf the lamb was curiously tasteless, despite looking grand?

Took the medications with some orange juice, and settled to finish watching the DVD. Couldn’t settle properly and kept nipping into the kitchen to make sure the oven was okay, the taps not left running etc.

Lovely smell of lamb and burnt ash prevailed. Hehehe!

Worra day!

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